Lenten Series

Pastor Trudy begins a Lenten study today with “24 Hours That Changed the World” by Adam Hamilton, open to all teens & adults. Walk with Jesus on his final day. Sit beside him at the Last Supper. Pray with him in Gethsemane. Follow him to the cross. Desert him. Deny him. Experience the Resurrection.




Larry Coates begins a new Lenten study today on “Simon Peter” by Adam Hamilton This is a six-week DVD-based study of the life, faith, and character of Simon Peter. He was quick-tempered and impetuous, but possessed a passion that would change the world. He left everything to follow Jesus, yet struggled with doubt and fear. The videos are filmed on location in Israel and Italy as he tells the story of the life of Peter. This class is open to all teens and adults.



The Women’s Book Study is currently reading “Come On Home: Healing the Homesickness of the Soul” by James W. Moore. Drawing on Scripture and his own stories, Moore explores how to embrace the New Testament theme that happiness is the by-product of being in “right” relationships, of being “at home” with God and with others. More than once, Jesus reminds us that the Great Commandment is to love God and to love other people. And that is what Matthew 6:33 is all about: “But seek first God’s kingdom and his righteousness and everything else will fall into place for you.”