Women’s Book Study

The Women’s Book Study group meets on Wednesdays at 1:30 pm. They will be starting a new book, “Noah Built His Ark in the Sunshine” by James W. Moore, on January 8th.                                    All women are welcome to join.


Pastor Trudy will be starting a new Sunday School Class on October 20th on “What Is the Bible?” by Rev. Anne Robertson

How well do you know the Bible? Do you know the stories? Do you know how the Bible is organized and how those texts were chosen? Have you ever thought about all the different ways people approach the Bible and decided for  yourself what to think? If you said “no” to  any of these questions, you need “What Is the Bible?” This course on basic biblical literacy assumes no prior knowledge of the Bible and is open to youth and adults.



Larry Coates will be leading a study of “The Parables of Jesus” by Matt Williams. This class started on September 8th. It is a DVD based study that focuses on six of the parables of Jesus. Each week a different theologian discusses a parable to help participants gain new insights for applying the parable to their own life.

  1. The Coming of the Kingdom: Weeds, Mustard Seeds, Yeast
  2. The Grace of the Kingdom: Two Debtors
  3. The God of the Kingdom: The Prodigal Son
  4. The Demand of the Kingdom: Treasure and Pearls
  5. The Mission of the Kingdom: The Wedding Banquet
  6. The Fulfillment of the Kingdom: Sheep and Goats



The Women’s Book Study will be starting a new book on July 31st: “Rich in the Things that Count the Most” by James W. Moore. While we may or may not be wealthy when it comes to material things, James W. Moore says, every one of us can be rich in the things that count the most. Through Scripture and compelling stories of faith, Moore invites us to explore the real riches in our lives, those things “that will last and endure, that won’t rust or corrode or become boring or go out of style.”